About Console Cloud’s seasonal release webinars 

Then and Now: a world apart

Our recent 12 month retrospective infographic shows just how far Console Cloud has come. But when we were putting the Winter 2020 release together, we started to notice a pattern. Every season, it looks as though we are talking to the same set of features: insights, workflows, add-ons + integrations, apps + portals, and so on. 

We are of course not announcing the release of the same features every season. So what’s going on here? 

Basically, as Console Cloud matures as a software platform, our focus shifts from being feature-broad to feature-deep. In other words, the features we’re showcasing in Console Cloud are getting more powerful daily. They’re becoming more customisable, automated, configurable, contextual, intelligent, and flexible. 

Here are a few other reasons why you should attend the seasonal webinars.

Just came here to register?

1. It’s the single biggest webinar for property managers in the industry

The Console Cloud Summer Release webinar hosted more than 1000 agencies in January 2020. The Console Cloud Autumn Release webinar in April 2020 hosted more than 1100 agencies. We have more than that registered for the Console Cloud Winter Release webinar 2020 (going live on August 3, 2020). 

Outside of a ticketed online event, these numbers make the Console Cloud release webinars the single biggest property management webinar in Australia and New Zealand.

2. It’s a chance to see what technology is leading the way in real estate

Don’t get left behind! Get an idea of what’s possible now in New Zealand’s leading property management software at these webinars. It’s where you can see how tech like AI and dynamic reporting is being used to help real estate professionals understand their business and make more money. 

And it’s where you can ask questions in real time during the broadcast, and have them answered by our product team… in real time.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll cover this webinar:

  • A massive 50% time saving in managing your inspections through our smarter workflows
  • Powerful business insights through our interactive, drill-down dashboards. Dive into the data most important to you.
  • An industry-leading tenant app that lets your tenants self-serve for key lease-related information, maintenance, direct debit rent payments, and view payment history + receipts as PDFs
  • Our beautiful owner portal, providing a professional web front to your owners
  • A swiss army knife of payment and statement configuration options to deliver statements to your multi-property owners how they want to receive them (saving trees in the process). 
  • Fraud detection systems; and
  • Advanced inspections workflow options.

Casual aside: we recently launched a Facebook group exclusively for our customers called Console Insiders. If this is you, here’s the link to join!

3. It’s kind of a sneaky demo!

Ever just want to see a product in action without having to commit to a sales pitch? We built the webinars to educate, entertain and inspire our customers and prospects—and we don’t require you to be a customer or sign up for a demo to watch it.

If you’re thinking about changing your software, or you just want to know what’s out there, this is a great way to research your options. Better still: if you like what you see, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial and get a feel for the platform before making any decisions.

4. We share tips on how to do less admin and make more money

If your face crinkles in disappointment whenever you hear those dreaded words ‘do more with less’, you’re not alone. We hate it too! Everyone is always trying to do more with less. 

That’s why the term signals both ‘no different from usual’ and ‘we can’t afford whatever it is you want’. 

We designed Console Cloud to reverse this cliche for property professionals: we want you to do less admin, and use that gained time to generate more revenue. In other words, do less, and make more. 

That’s our tagline, and predictably enough, that’s what you can expect to learn more about in our webinars: how to do less, and make more.  

5. Forget how terrible 2020 is for one whole hour

We’re not going to mention the C-word. Except just this once, right now: COVID-19. 

This year, aka annus horribilis, has been terrible and exhausting enough and nobody needs any more reminders of this fact. 

The good news for us at least is that despite having worked remotely for the better part of a year, Console Cloud’s development hasn’t slowed down at all. We’ve got some really cool things to share with you all to make your lives easier, and your business more profitable. 

6. Bonus reason: you don’t have to do anything (besides join using the link!) 

We know this shouldn’t be a reason, but property managers are run off their feet! If you can make it to Console Cloud seasonal release webinar, you’ll get all of the above, plus you’ll have an hour of your day where you don’t have to do anything! Grab a hot beverage, get comfy, and tune in. 

Where to now then? Register for the Console Cloud Winter Release webinar by clicking on this big blue button:

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