Twelve months of upgrades: and their impact on customers

We took a closer look at actual Console Cloud usage data from our customers, and the results were startling.

For starters, on average, agencies that use Console Cloud save 1.5 working months per year (or 30 business days), on admin tasks and day-to-day property management. That gives each agency about 12% extra capacity for managing properties, right out of the gate.

To put that in perspective, if an agency managed 300 properties before using Console Cloud, you could add 36 new properties to your rent roll with no additional overheads. If your average rent was $400 per week, and your management fee was 7%, that’s an extra $1456 per property, per year. 

$1456 x 36 extra properties adds an additional $52,416 in property management revenue to your business every year—without any additional costs or overheads. 

Here’s a sample of features we launched in Console Cloud in the last twelve months

  • We launched Console Cloud in New Zealand (obviously a big one for us, being the NZ branch of Console Cloud!) Insights Plus slice-and-dice reporting
  • We built and delivered our own native net promoter scoring tool: Yardstick
  • Said hello world with Nebula—our online real estate learning platform, and tied to the Console Cloud virtual summit of the same name (Nebula)
  • Launched a slew of inspections improvements—edit, duplicate, self-inspections and other upgrades
  • Launched a fraud detection alert system for principals
  • Overhauled landlord statements and made them more customisable and tree-friendly (we reduced how long they were)
  • Created the first automated compliance workflow in the real estate industry
  • Marketplace, and welcomed five new integration partners (in addition to our own product add-ons)
  • Deeper workflow automation and more options for communications
  • We gave our landlord web portal a serious upgrade (and a face lift)
  • A single EOFY statement for agencies migrating from Gateway (no more explaining multiple statements to landlords!), and
  • Property pulse (AKA the renovated and more informative property page in Console Cloud).

In total, we launched in the region of 145 new features and improvements between July 2019 and June 2020. That’s a lot, and it was only possible with our powerhouse team of more than 100 software developers, working in partnership with dozens of beta testers in New Zealand and across the Tasman.

This infographic is our love letter to all our testers, our customers, and of course, our hardworking staff. Enjoy!

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