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Property management and trust accounting software Console Cloud, have integrated with leading maintenance provider Maintenance Manager, owned by PropertySafe. Console Cloud from Console is the fastest-growing cloud-based property management software platform in Australia and New Zealand. Maintenance Manager is a market leader currently servicing Australia and New Zealand.

Quicker, more efficient maintenance management

Managing maintenance requires the property manager to coordinate multiple activities between tenants, owners and tradespeople.  From a property management view, this is often a headache, but it won’t be for much longer. That’s because Console Cloud has worked with leading maintenance software brand PropertySafe to bring Maintenance Manager into Console Cloud. The Maintenance Manager integration will be available to all Console Cloud customers in New Zealand as an add-on in the in-app Marketplace.

Best of both worlds – Maintenance Manager + Console Cloud

Simply, they are linked by a common goal. “Console Cloud was designed to enable property managers to do less admin and manual tasks, so that it was fundamentally less work to manage every property in a portfolio,” explains Console’s Chief Product Officer Matt McGown. 

Maintenance Manager is known as one of the most advanced and trusted software solutions for maintenance. Console’s long relationship with Maintenance Manager’s parent company PropertySafe has benefited thousands of real estate professionals and property managers through its integration with its Gateway software. So it was natural that the partnership and integration extended to Console Cloud. 

According to PropertySafe CEO Phil Oakes, Console and PropertySafe are, “Two like-minded businesses with a shared vision determined to push the boundaries and deliver superior solutions. This vision enables our mutual customers to be more successful and profitable.”

Console’s Chief Product Officer Matt McGown agrees. “Maintenance Manager has a proven track record. Their maintenance workflow dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of the process for property managers. When you couple that with the workflows built into Console Cloud, those customers gain a significant advantage.”

How the integration works

Console Cloud customers using Inspection Manager can link their office by activating the app from the Marketplace tab in Console Cloud. Once linked, any inspections scheduled in Console Cloud will be pushed to Inspection Manager immediately. 

Users can then take full advantage of Inspection Manager functionality when completing an inspection. When they’re ready to complete their inspection, their finalised report is synced back into Console Cloud. An inspection is carried out in Inspection Manager, with a finalised report synced back into the Inspections tab in Console Cloud. Please note that inspection scheduling and entry notices are managed in Console Cloud.

The integration sees maintenance requests created in Console Cloud.  These requests can also be logged through the Console Tenant App or Console App which is then routed seamlessly into Maintenance Manager. Maintenance jobs can be actioned as soon as they are created, giving agencies a faster turnaround in resolving maintenance requests, without the  double-handling of admin and data entry.

Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

How the Maintenance Manager and Console Cloud integration works

The integration sees Console Cloud and Maintenance Manager operating in real-time, displaying the same information at all times and the true state of an agency’s maintenance jobs at all times. “It really closes the loop on the maintenance workflow with quotes, work orders and invoices all seamlessly communicated between our two systems. It gives the property manager more time savings in their day,” says McGown.

Meaning no loss of time, no waits for a sync to occur and no double entry of data. Leaving you to move straight onto your next task.

Boost your productivity

The Maintenance Manager integration with Console Cloud is now live and ready for agencies to activate. 

“Managing maintenance is one of the largest workflows within a property management agency,” says Console CEO Charlie Holland. “By using a fully digital, end-to-end process that integrates directly into the accounts management side of Console Cloud, we can help our customers transform their productivity.” 



About ConsoleConsole has been the leading Australian provider of real estate, property management, and trust accounting software for 28 years. Its flagship product, Console Cloud, is the fastest growing cloud-based property management software platform and is now available in New Zealand. Today, Console business employs nearly 200 people across offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, with some staff also working remotely. 

About Console CloudConsole Cloud powers successful real estate agencies by helping property management professionals do less, make more, and grow more. Console Cloud is designed differently to other software to change how property managers deliver services. We’ve built clever workflows to help you do less admin, powerful business insights to help you make better decisions, and rich trust accounting functionality to let you do what you need to without workarounds. 

So if you’re ready to do less admin, give customers better insights and value, and spend more time growing your portfolio, Console Cloud might be for you. For more information, visit or find us on LinkedIn.

About Maintenance Manager: Used by over 1,100 agencies across Australia and New Zealand, Maintenance Manager is the property industry’s most advanced, trusted, endorsed and widely used mobile software solution for property maintenance. 
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