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Console launches new digital education platform Nebula

Welcome to Console’s brand new home of digital courses, content, webinars and events: Nebula. The platform replaces Console Campus, and offers a broader range of education and services than Campus, while also providing a much more user-friendly experience. Nebula is where all Console customers can go to get certified and undertake onboarding and train the trainer courses.

The move to Nebula should be a positive one for most Console customers in New Zealand, particularly those using our flagship platform Console Cloud. For Gateway clients, some courses will have a home in Nebula, but some others will not be migrated from Console Campus. If this affects your business, be sure to get in touch with the education and training team for support.

Early launch in response to Coronavirus

Nebula wasn’t slated to be released until the second half of 2020. In March 2020, we migrated more agencies to Console Cloud than any month previously—and April has so far shown no signs of slowing down. 

An unprecedented number of new Console Cloud customers following Coronavirus lockdown measures meant we needed to expedite our new training offerings to support them in their onboarding journey. This is not something we could have delivered as effectively with Console Campus.

What this means for your Nebula experience

Your experience should be a great one, but there may be some aspects of the site a little less clean than we would like. If something is not quite right, we would love you to give us your feedback via this link. Nonetheless, Nebula, like Console Cloud, will continue to get better every day, with the training and development team working around the clock to bring you more and better content. 

We still believe Nebula has all the ingredients property managers need to build an outstanding career and portfolio in property management. We hope you take advantage of it and use it to develop your product and industry knowledge.

Courses are free to all New Zealand customers for a limited time 

Because of its early launch, we’ve also decided to open Nebula to all Console customers in Australia and New Zealand. This means that it is completely free for you to enrol in courses and become certified—for a limited time. 

That makes it an ideal time for you to check out what’s available, and enrol in courses to your heart’s content. To get started, register an account here. So get in there! We hope you enjoy using Nebula, and that you can take advantage of it as much as possible while it is free to use. It’s a great opportunity to extend your professional skills and get the most out of your software at no extra cost.

Wasn’t Nebula an industry event you held in 2019?

Why yes, come to mention it!. The success in 2019 of our industry-leading customer summit, Nebula, led to bigger and better things. The Nebula summit will continue to run (and grow!) as our yearly customer summit event. Its commitment to customer success is evolving and growing, and with it the services we offer. 

Is Nebula going ahead this year, given the lockdown restrictions?

Nebula is here to stay! Whether it will go ahead while the Coronavirus lockdowns are in place remains uncertain. At the time of writing, we are in truth unsure about whether it will go ahead in July as scheduled. We will bring you more updates as we have them to hand.

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