Inspections in Console Cloud – got an upgrade

April 2020 was a huge month for inspections improvements in Console Cloud. While an update to inspections was already being planned, Console sprung into action to adapt to strict lockdown orders across Australia and New Zealand amid Covid-19 concerns. 

Let’s take a look at what was released.

Tenant self-inspections in Console Cloud

As we navigated the Coronavirus pandemic, agencies too were dealing with the new restrictions, including lockdowns, social distancing restrictions and a change to business operations.  Yet property managers still needed to comply with management agreements and legislation around routine inspections. 

To help property managers stay compliant and above all safe, we built a tenant self-inspection option for conducting routine reports remotely. This feature was released in early May and is ready for you to start using in Console Cloud.

How it works

In the Inspections tab in Console Cloud, you will see an option to create a routine self-inspection for tenants to conduct remotely on your behalf. Creating a self-inspection will email a set of instructions and an online form for your tenants to complete. 

Tenants are then able to carry out an inspection remotely by completing the form. This includes adding up to five photos per room. One key difference between what a property manager would normally see during an inspection and what the tenant sees is past inspections data.  Tenants will not be able to see this historical data using their form. The online inspection form they see will match their property’s attributes, as per your last routine inspection. 

It’s worth noting that if your agency has not completed a routine inspection under the current tenant agreement before, your tenants will see the default property layout. Your tenants will be able to skip any rooms that do not apply to their property. 

When they submit the form, it will sync to Console Cloud as a tenant self-inspection report. You can then edit the report if necessary.

Edit the inspection, you say?

Yes! This is a new feature we’ve dropped into Console Cloud.  While an element of trust is involved in putting a routine inspection in your tenants’ hands, you’re not stuck with their property reporting. If you identify property damage or pick up an error in your tenant’s inspection report, you can simply click into the report and edit it. 

Plus edit all past routine inspections in Console Cloud

You asked for it, we delivered!  All past routine inspections completed in Console Cloud can now be edited. This was a feature we’ve been working on for some time, and was able to release it sooner to help agencies enabling tenants to self-inspect (and therefore needing that edit button right now). 

The ability to edit past inspections is also our most recent Console Labs project. Console Labs projects focus on releasing some features to our customers earlier, we call this Beta testing.  As part of Console Labs we give you more tools to play with, so we can get your feedback earlier on in the development process. You can expect to see more Console Labs projects in the future.

Here’s what you can expect to be able to do when editing your past inspections:

First Cloud Labs release (now):

  • Edit existing routine, entry and exit reports.
  • Edit area reviews (conditions and comments)
  • View, edit, add, delete areas in existing routine reports.
  • View, edit, add, delete areas items, existing entry and exit reports
  • Simple error fixes
  • Upload extra photos and delete photos

Second Cloud Labs release (TBA) extra functionality including:

  • Image Gallery
  • Create new routine, entry and exit inspection reports.

Have a go, and let us know what you think! Remember, you can always up-vote or give suggestions for new features.

Inspection Manager integration now live

We’ve partnered with the team behind the much-loved inspections software, Inspection Manager. According to Console Chief Product Officer Matt McGown, “Inspection Manager is an expert in its own field. But the efficiencies gained by using both Console Cloud and Inspection Manager were lost so long as those systems didn’t talk to each other. That’s why we felt it was important to build this integration—to keep reducing that time and admin load for customers.”

If you’re a current Inspection Manager user, you can link your account to your Console Cloud office. Simply go to the Marketplace tab in Console Cloud, and activate the Inspection Manager integration by clicking on the tile and following the prompts. Once linked any inspections you schedule in Console Cloud will sync automatically and instantly in the Inspection Manager.

Linking accounts means you can conduct inspections using Inspection Manager. When you’re ready to finish up, your finalised report will sync back into Console Cloud. Please note however that you will still need to schedule and manage your inspection notices in Console Cloud. 

Features to carry you today and tomorrow

We believe the utility of these new features will keep you working into the future, Covid-19 or not. They were designed to suit a variety of conditions, and improve the way you conduct inspections, with flexibility and ease.

Like everything we do in Console Cloud, these features are built for property management—not just for now, but for the future. 

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