Our development team is constantly working on implementing new features and enhancements. You’ll find here a list of updates that make the product better every day.

What’s new in Console Cloud?

February 2020

  • Bulk Send Message: You can now bulk send emails and SMS in the Vacate, Lease Renewal and Inspections workflows.
  • Owner statements: We’ve now added the tenant’s rent amount and rent frequency (e.g. weekly) into your consolidated owner statements.
  • Key Management: The property timeline now has a Keys category to view the history of keys checked out and in.

January 2020

What’s New
  • Lease Renewal workflow: Tenant Intent communication in the lease renewal workflow has been updated to work the same as the Owner Intent version. You can now edit your Tenant Intent template and send to ALL tenants. Tenants can provide their response and now add their own comments such as 6 months, 12 months or provide further general information.
  • Invoices: You can now edit that have previously had money receipted to them. This allows you to add new line items, amend the due date, add attachments and change the amount due, even after money has been receipted to it.
  • Console Cloud User Suggestions: We have released a new feature voting system that allows you to send us suggestions for Console Cloud, as well as vote on great suggestions from other users! You can access this via the ‘Cloud Feedback’ link in the user profile drop-down menu on the top right corner. This is being used by the Console Product team to collect feedback to help improve Console Cloud and plan our roadmap!
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance for 2022 (QLD only): It’s here! Go to the property and tick the ‘2022 compliant’ option to keep a track of those properties you no longer need to follow up for smoke alarm compliance. From the property list you can filter and export a CSV for those properties that are NOT 2022 compliant.
  • Updated login: We now have a new login screen. It’s had a very large upgrade, and it now has Doris there to greet you when you start your day!
  • KPI Reports: We now have 11 new KPI reports available in Insights, in CSV format.
  • Key Management is here! Check it out (and then check it back in again: Use Console Cloud to keep track of all keys in your office that get handed out to contractors, tenants, owners and so forth—in just a fraction of the admin time you’re used to spending on it.
    To give it a go, head to either your properties dashboard or individual property page. Enter a note and it’ll be time stamped and recorded on your property’s timeline. And in case you were wondering, you can indeed export all properties with keys checked out to a CSV file. Here’s to never losing track of keys again!
  • Owner statements (consolidated): This statement has been improved to show a running balance of the transactions, along with grouping of debits and credits – per property.
  • Lease Renewal workflow: You asked for more information in the workflow for the ‘Last Action’ and we listened. You will now see more details of the last action to give you more information at a glance.
  • Lost and Gained: We fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to capture lost details if there were no gained details.
  • Reply to email address for Portfolio: We have had lots of feedback regarding the address email replies go to, and we’ve now added the ability to add a reply to email address per portfolio. Any communication sent from Cloud will use the reply to address as set in the portfolio settings. If you do not have properties assigned to portfolios the reply to address for all communication will be the office reply to email address, found in Settings > Office.
  • Lease renewal workflow: You can now filter the lease renewal list by ‘lease end date’. We’ve also added the ability to send the ‘Request Tenant Intent’ email in bulk!
  • Inspections workflow: Now you can see view the key numbers and your tenant’s vacate date on the inspections list screen.
  • Console App: We’ve made some improvements to the app, where it will now gracefully handle the situation where multiple devices are used for the same inspection (previously this would crash the app). And if Cloud does detect an issue it cannot resolve by itself, our Support team can wave their magic wand and recover the inspection data for you.

December 2019

What’s New
  • Lease Renewal workflow: The at a Glance panel is now available in this workflow. This will indicate if Owners or Tenants have responded and advised their intentions in the last 3 days, as well as filter the list of lease renewals to 90 days.
  • Export to CSV options: You can now export data from Vacate and Applications workflow.
  • Gained and Lost reporting: You now have the ability to create Gained and Lost reasons for your office and start capturing this information on the property. Look out for Gained and Lost KPI reporting coming soon.
  • Inspections notes: You can now add useful and easily visible notes into the inspections workflow.
  • Compliance workflow: We’ve been adding some cool additions to the compliance workflow to make automation easier. We’ve added an additional Template for Owners who manage other areas of compliance other than smoke alarms. This means that you have a dedicated template to Owners for Smoke Alarms and another template to Owners for all other compliance categories. You’ll also see now that automated reminders are defaulted to be sent 14 days from the initial request to inspect email. You can still edit this setting to your desired day or turn off the automated reminders.
  • Portfolios: In portfolio settings you now have the ability to assign a user as a Property Manager. Once you have assigned a Property Manager to a portfolio, their name will show as the property manager on the property and on the property list in the far right column, making it simple to locate the PM for any given property.
  • Pending Payments: In the pending payments screen you can now filter by the TO and FROM fields, and also by Invoice Amount and Date. This will allow you to find more specific payments prior to disbursement and also check for any duplicates.
  • Bulk receipting: You can now filter by date, allowing Console Pay users to only select yesterdays transactions in bulk to process.
  • Receipting: You can now see the tenants address, deposit balance and rent amount/frequency all within the receipting screen.
  • Invoices: We have added a multi use FILTER to this page, you can now filter on 7 variables!

November 2019

What’s New
  • Tenant App: Console Tenant provides your tenants with self-service access to their tenancy information and the ability to request maintenance directly, saving you time on phone calls and data entry. Send out bulk invitations via the new “Send App Invites” action at the top of the Tenant list, or individually via the tenant contact details on the property or tenant agreement. To find out more click here
  • Water Charging: Store a property’s entry water reading and vacate water reading. Create and send tenant invoices with in-app annotated and redacted available. To find out more click here
  • Lease Renewal workflow – Rent Recommendation and Owner Feedback: Now you can record a rent recommendation in the owner intent step, send the rent recommendation template to the owner/s, and receive a response directly into Console Cloud. If you previously edited the rent recommendation template, you will see that we have added button links to the template. We recommend you review your rent recommendation template to ensure the wording lines up with the new buttons requesting feedback.
  • Notes: You can now add useful and easily visible notes into the tenant, owner, property, creditor and maintenance screens. This allows you to more easily record you notes in the appropriate section and ‘favorite’ any note you choose to make it more prominent.
  • Office name displayed: We now show the office name in the top left hand side of Console Cloud, so it’s always visible which office you are in at the time. This is most useful for those of you accessing multiple offices within Console Cloud, and allows you to easily switch the office you are in.
  • Write off and download invoices: You can now write off a tenant invoice, and remove it from your invoices list. You can also restore a written off invoice to bring it back, and download an individual tenant invoice at any time.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance requests, work orders, and quotes can now be viewed and accessed on the property page, including their basic information and their status. You can now also create new maintenance requests from here.
  • Inspections: Inspections scheduled and completed can now be viewed and accessed on the property page, including entry, exit and routine inspections. You can now also create new inspections from here!
  • Tenant invoices: Tenant invoices can now be viewed on the tenant agreement. You can filter between unpaid and outstanding invoices, which displays what a tenant owes at a glance. You can also create new invoices from the tenant agreement page now as well.
  • New shortcuts: We’ve now added more options to the shortcut menu on the dashboard (the + icon in the bottom right side). You can now easily create a new maintenance request, do a disbursement, create an inspection and create a new tenant from here!
  • Export to CSV options: You can now export data from the Properties, Tenants and Creditors screens to CSV.
  • Compliance workflow: This workflow is no longer in Beta and with small bugs being resolved is READY TO USE!
  • Rent Review: When you filter your tenant agreements with rent reviews due, you are now able to export the filtered list to a csv file.
  • Property Insurance: On the dashboard you can now see a list of Insurances due to expire in 30 days, expired and those with no expiry date. You can also export this information to a csv file with the filtered details.
  • Compliance workflow bug fix: We have fixed a bug affecting compliance workflow where smoke alarm compliance was continually being re-added to the workflow even after being updated and finalised.
  • Management Agreement: For Western Australian clients, you can now view management agreement due to expire in 60 days, expired and those with no expiry date on your dashboard. You can also export this information to a csv file with the filtered details.
  • Tasks Update: Tasks now default to showing those tasks ‘Assigned to Me’ with the ability to filter to ‘All Tasks’ or a specific team member’s tasks. We’ve also added new sorting options (newest, oldest, completed).

October 2019

What’s New
  • Creditor timeline: There is now a creditor timeline to show all communications that have been sent to a creditor.
  • Maintenance bills: The concept of the maintenance bill is to record a physical bill (invoice) against a maintenance request as soon as it is received. From the bill you can make a payment which will pre-populate the payment screen to speed up the payment workflow. You can then mark the bill as processed, and if it’s the last bill for the maintenance request you can close the request.
  • Compliance workflow – Automate your workflow! Automate the communications that are sent to the owner, creditor or body corporate and automate reminders if no response has been received. You can also automate the closing of this workflow. Add new certificates and details and once uploaded, Cloud will then send copies of relevant certificates to either owners or tenants.
  • Consolidated Owner Statements: Multi-property owners will now receive ONE owner statement either upon disbursement or at close of month. Go to Settings > Banking to enable the capability!
  • Compliance workflow (for QLD only): Console Cloud has automated the smoke alarm compliance process for all QLD offices. When a user finalises a lease renewal or creates a new tenant agreement, Console Cloud will automatically create a smoke alarm compliance check. The Renew by date will be the lease start date.
  • Communications page: You can now see a list of failed messages in the communications page when you have attempted to send messages to users with no email or mobile number. Console Cloud will tell you that the message failed because the recipient has no email address / mobile number. In addition, if any communication failed due to missing merge fields, this will also show in the communications page.
  • Lease renewal workflow: Once you’ve created a lease agreement, you can send it to tenants within the workflow. Hit Send Lease to upload and send your agreement using your preferred office template. Stay tuned for more communications to be added to this workflow very soon (HINT: sending a signed lease agreement to owners and tenants).
  • Tenant App maintenance filter: You can now filter the maintenance screen to see any requests that were created by your tenants through the tenant app, ready to be reviewed.
  • Compliance: You have the ability to bulk upload compliance certificates. Once you have uploaded all your certificates they will be sent to owners or tenants in the workflow. Your uploaded certificates will be recorded against the property and kept document storage.
  • Applications workflows: You can now send messages to owners from the applications workflow.
  • Lease renewal workflow: Send the signed lease agreement to both owners and tenants in the lease renewal. Upload/attach the signed lease agreement and send with your template. You can edit the template in settings or at time of sending. This action will be recorded in the timeline and tenant timeline for future reference.
  • Bond Audit Report: The bond audit report has now been ordered in order of bond reference number with those without reference numbers found at the top of the report.

September 2019

What’s New
  • Compliance workflow: The Compliance workflow is here! If you have started capturing compliance details (such as expiry dates) against your properties, you can now view and action these compliance items in the workflow. Compliance items that have expired or are due to expire within 30 days dates will begin to appear in the workflow automatically for you to monitor, action, and update.
  • Key Numbers: You can now search by key number in the property screen, and the global search.
  • Lease renewal workflow: You can now send rent recommendations to owners from within the lease renewal workflow by entering in the recommended new rent amount per week, the new lease term (e.g. 12 months), and ticking Send recommendation. A new template with a message to the owner will appear, which you can edit prior to sending. You can also edit this template in template settings.
  • Owner statements upon disbursement: Under banking settings, you now have the option to send statements to your owners at each disbursement. You can also opt to leave the current settings as is, and continue to send statements at the close of month only. Minor restrictions apply here: you can only make this setting change after completing a close of month, and before you do another disbursement of any kind.
  • Console Pay automated invites and dashboard reporting: You can now turn on automatic Console Pay invitations for any tenancies with no existing Console Pay payers. The dashboard will also provide you with a simple report of how many active payers you have on Console Pay, and how many tenants are still available to invite.
  • Lease renewal workflow: You can now send communication to owners and tenants from the lease renewal workflow.
  • Compliance workflow: The compliance workflow now includes the ability to send communication to owners, tenants and creditors to request compliance certificates.  Use or edit the default templates for requesting compliance certificates, send reminders for the compliance certificates and send the new certificate to either the owner or tenant.
  • Maintenance: We’ve now increased the amount of text you can have in a maintenance request description, from 1,000 to 10,000 characters.
  • Work orders & quote requests format: Work orders and quotes now have an enhanced look, to make them easier to read.
  • Work orders & quote requests: You can now choose to show key numbers and access details on maintenance work orders.
  • Lease renewal workflow: You can now send rent recommendations to owners from within the lease renewal workflow by entering in the recommended new rent amount per week, the new lease term (e.g. 12 months), and ticking Send recommendation. A new template with a message to the owner will appear, which you can edit prior to sending. You can also edit this template in template settings.

August 2019

What’s New
  • Vacate workflow: You now send email and SMS directly from the Vacate workflow.
  • Inspections Re-Scheduling: We’ve now revamped the inspections screen, and added the ability to do an number of inspection actions in bulk. You can now re-schedule inspection dates and times, re-assign inspections, and send off your entry notices all in a group, and avoid having to do any of this one by one. How cool is that!
  • Tasks: You can now create and complete tasks, and connect them to a property, all inside Console Cloud. This way you can create tasks for yourself or a team member, to be ticked off when completed.
  • Edit and resend maintenance work orders: Maintenance work orders can now be edited and resent. When the work order is resent, the email and PDF will indicate it is a revised work order, and will include the date of revision.
  • Tenant Invoices: Invoices now include the tenant’s postal address, and are now compatible with a standard window envelope.
  • WA specific wording: We’ve now adjusted all trust account reports for our Western Australian agencies to include ‘Licensed Real Estate and Business Agent’ as well as the agency’s business address.
  • Templates and merge fields: We have now added the merge fields to use with tenant and owner messaging for showing ‘amount in arrears’ and ‘days in arrears’. You can also now use a new merge field ‘user name’ to show the name of the specific person who is logged in and sending the message in the template.
  • Arrears workflow: You can now send email and SMS messages directly from the arrears workflow to your owners and tenants – check it out and start messaging!

July 2019

What’s New
  • Shortcuts: We’ve added a floating action button that has shortcuts to the most common actions taken on the site. So, whenever you’re on the dashboard you can easily create a receipt or a payment without having to navigate to accounts. Give it a whirl!
  • New bulk receipting upload files: We’ve now added 2 new receipting files to the bulk receipting screen, .PAY and .QIF files are now supported. If you can export transactions from your bank in either OFX or one of these new formats, you can now take advantage of Bulk Receipting capability. We’re also working on some additional files types, to be added into bulk receipting in the near future!
  • Auto email tenant receipts: Console Cloud can automatically email your tenants a copy of their receipt when payments are processed. You can turn this feature on on in your office by going to the Settings > Banking
  • New rent arrears calculation method: You can now use a different rent arrears calculation method in Console Cloud. Users with full admin rights can change your office’s rent arrears calculation method to full rent period-based calculation. This feature has been a high priority for our Victorian and Western Australian clients, and we thank them for their support! To find out more, or change rent arrears calculation methods, go to Settings > Office.
  • Templates: You now have the ability to delete templates that your office has set up or revert system provided templates to their original format
  • Arrears: You can now set up SMS reminders to be sent on specific days of the week only. For example, choose to set up reminders to tenants who are 3 days in arrears on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday only. Go to set up SMS Reminders and enable your automated SMS reminders
  • Workflow searches: You can now search within all our workflows, as we’ve added searching to the Vacate, Applications & Arrears workflows
  • Owner Contacts: You can now add and change your owner contacts easily, when editing an owner
  • Payment History: We’ve adjusted the name of the Tenant Timeline link in the tenant details screen, to now be called Payment history – to avoid confusion with the Timeline tab in the same area
  • Global Search: You can now search phone numbers in our global search
  • Payments + Flashscan: We’ve built enhancements to the payments screen to let you ‘train’ it to remember the creditor, property and BPAY reference number for matching strata invoices from the same property. This also includes better handling of strata invoices that share a BPAY biller code with other creditors.
  • New form in Workflow – In the lease renewal workflow, we have added an additional REI form for WA, “Lease Extension”.
  • Reference numbers on Work Orders: All new work orders will now be allocated a unique reference number, which appears on both the maintenance request and the work order and is also searchable in the Maintenance screen.
  • Inspections Notes: We’ve now significantly increased the character limit in ‘notes’ for inspections, which pull through to the inspections app.
  • Pending Payments: We’ve added the ability to be able to sort two of the columns, the ‘Pay To’ and ‘From File’ columns. This makes it easier to sort and manage your pending payments.
  • Pending payments: You can now sort your payments list by an additional column of ‘payment date’.
  • Manual receipting addition: We’ve made the tenant’s rent amount visible when creating a manual receipt.

June 2019

What’s New
  • Compliance dashboard widget is here! This new widget on your dashboard helps you track compliance items such as smoke detectors based on expiration dates, plus keep an eye on items without expiry dates listed. Now you can easily check and follow up on compliance items that need action.
  • Automated recurring rent invoices are here: Set up recurring rent invoices in the tenant screen, and Console Cloud will automatically email recurring rent invoices each month.
  • Email and SMS your creditors + new creditor template: You can now contact creditors via email and SMS. We’ve also released a new creditor office template to help streamline your communications.
  • Templates improvements: You can now upload fixed attachments to your office templates + edit office templates to your liking. Examples you might attach include our Cleaning checklist or Tips to get your bond back when vacating. Head to Settings > Templates to get started.
  • Bulk re-sending of tenant invoices: You can now re-send invoices to tenants both individually and in bulk. Simply select the invoices you want to re-send, and hit send invoices. These invoices will now also show any part payments amounts paid by the tenant, at the time of re-sending.
  • Templates: so hot right now! You can now create + edit your own templates, edit + rename existing ones, and add attachments to templates. Coming soon: the option to delete templates.
  • Arrears: You can now set up automated SMS reminders to be sent on specific days. For example, you can make a rule to send SMS reminders on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to all tenants who are three days in arrears. Go to Set Up SMS Reminders > Enable.
  • Console Pay: Don’t wait for Console Pay! You can now activate Console Pay in Console Cloud. Click the banner on your dashboard and complete your application to get started.
  • Console Pay: And once you’ve activated Console Pay, you can invite your tenants in Console Cloud. Click on Console Pay from the main menu to get started.

May 2019

New Features
  • Tenant Applications: We are currently developing a new workflow that will help you to capture, track and select tenant applications for properties that require a tenant. While we are still enhancing this new feature, we would love for you to try it out!
  • FlashScan Creditor Payments: Prepare for an upgrade to your payments screen in Console Cloud. FlashScan automatically reads your scanned invoices, and pre-fills invoice information into payment fields for your review. It makes paying invoices quick and easy. To find out more, click here.
  • Templates are here! Communicate faster, with 16 new email and SMS templates to choose from. You will now find Templates under Settings and you can now edit the subject and body text to suit you. We’re working on two new features to let you create your own templates, plus add attachments to your communications. Stay tuned.
  • Invoices: For overdue tenant invoices, we now show you how many days in arrears these invoices are, at a glance on the invoices screen.
  • Invoices: We’ve now added the ability to filter by the invoice status, in the invoices screen.
  • Trust Account Receipts: Receipts now display the amount receipted, in figures and in words.
  • Property Compliance: You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. You can now choose Other as a compliance item for more flexibility in what you can track. In the future, we’ll also be adding a Compliance Dashboard widget to remind you of compliance items that have expired, or are about to.
Bug Fixes
  • Applications Workflow bug fix: There was recently an issue where new applications processes were accidentally & automatically being created when they shouldn’t have been. This bug has now been squished, and will bother you no longer.

April 2019

New Features
  • Choose your SMS plan: With the free SMS period now complete, you can now choose your preferred SMS plan to suit your needs. Simply go to ‘Settings’, and then ‘Addons’ – and select your preferred plan.
  • Additional forms: We’ve now added the ability to merge your Console Cloud data into many more forms from REI forms/Realworks. You can access these by using the ‘Create form’ button in the individual tenant, owner and property screens.
  • Property Compliance: We have added more fields to the Property page to record your property compliance categories, certificates and expiry dates.
  • Making Owner Agreements inactive: When you make an owner agreement inactive, it will no longer remove fees from that owner agreement. The fees will be retained for future reference, but will not be charged once the owner has been made inactive.
  • Receipt Downloads: We’ve switched off the automatic downloading of receipts that occurs when you manually receipt money, and added an option to be able to download the receipt only when you need it.

March 2019

New Features
  • Bulk Emails to Owners and Tenants: You now have the ability to send bulk emails to Owner and Tenants with attachments from Cloud. Simply select tenants or owners from the list page or send individual emails from the Tenant or Owner page. Emails can also be sent from the Property, Maintenance and Inspection pages – simply click, Message Tenant or Message Owner.
    View your communication history, including a preview of the message and delivery status, in the Owner Communications and Tenant Timeline.
  • Documents: There are now many new ‘Documents’ areas in Cloud. You can now easily upload and store documents attached to your Tenants, Owners, Creditors, Properties and Sales – as well as a global documents screen.
  • Bulk SMS to Owners and Tenants: You can now SMS your owners and tenants, both individually and in bulk. This is available in the ‘message’ option, which is accessible from the connected tenant/owner/property of the people you want to send to, or the main tenant and owner screens.
  • Communications Page: The communications page can be located from the icon on the top banner of Cloud. This page will display all Communications sent from Cloud eg Emails, SMS, Owner and Creditor Statements, Tenant Invoices, Inspection emails and Entry Notices etc.
  • The Help area is changing! We’ll soon be changing the ‘Help’ option in the top right hand side of Console Cloud. You will see a new help button, which will have 2 options: ‘Live Chat’, and ‘Console Help’. Console Help will now open a new web-page, to access our training & help resources – with a slightly different look. It also gives us more options to make more information, and useful resources, easily accessible to you.
  • Commission on Tenant Invoices: By popular demand, you can now add in a new fee type that will collect commissions on the money you receive when tenants pay invoices
  • Dashboard update changes: We’ve now changed the look of the dashboard update, to more prominently let you know when we’ve made new changes & additions in Console Cloud.

February 2019

New Features
  • Amend Paid-To Date: Users can now amend the paid-to date within Cloud. Simply click on “Amend” next to the tenants paid-to date, provide information on what details need to change and the paid to date will be updated automatically.
  • Insights: We’ve now added an ‘Insights’ dashboard specifically for business owners and business managers. It show current and historical data on your rent roll’s revenue, it’s value as a saleable asset, total properties, and other useful information. Insights is only available to Administrator level users.
  • Global Search: We’ve now added a global search bar at the top of Console Cloud. This allows you to quickly find and visit any owner, tenant, property or creditor in Cloud.
  • Roles and Permissions:
    • Invite new users into your system
    • Select one of three Permission Levels
    • See pending invites
    • Once the user has registered, ability to edit permission level
  • Tenant Timeline: We’ve now added a ‘Timeline’ tab in the Tenant screen. This shows you a detailed timeline of many transactions, workflow events, maintenance, inspections and other events or actions that have occurred throughout the tenancy. You can also click through many of the events listed, to access the item it is referring to…PLUS…you can also export these timeline events to a PDF document, to be able to share or take to tribunal.
  • Customised Arrears SMS: Due to popular demand we are excited to release the ability to customise Arrears SMS reminders. Head to your arrears workflow now and set up your own message in Manage SMS reminders.
  • Arrears workflow: We’ve now added the Vacate Date column in arrears list
  • Arrears workflow: You can now email all tenants the PDF that has been attached to the arrears timeline.

PM App (V1.3.2)

  • You now have the ability to copy & paste comments directly from a previous inspection area to the new inspection, in one click. Simply press the “copy comments” and the comments will pre-populate into the current inspection.
  • Prefixed templates for Routine Inspections: When you have new routine inspections, a default set of pre-populated areas will be automatically created.
Bug Fixes
  • There were 11 small software bugs found, and exterminated.

January 2019

  • Vacate Workflow: You can now transfer overpaid rent to tenant deposit directly from the vacate workflow.
  • Owner Portal: You can now invite your Owners to the new Owner Portal, where they can access their statements, and other basic tenancy information for their properties.
  • User Invite Page: Previously, you could only see the users you have invited to the Cloud office once they have successfully accepted the invite. Now, as soon as you invite a user, their name will appear in the Users screen, and will have a “Pending” tag next to their name to let you know that they haven’t accepted the invitation yet. After 7 days, if the invite isn’t accepted, it will expire and disappear.
  • Arrears: You can now sort by the (days in) Arrears, and Last SMS columns in the Arrears workflow.
  • Vacates: You can now sort by the Vacate Date, and Exit Inspection (date) columns in the Vacate workflow.
  • Properties List: Added new columns in the Properties list to view the key numbers and current rent amounts.
  • Tenants List: Added new columns in Tenants list for (Lease) End Date and Vacate Date.
  • Arrears Workflow: You can now upload a PDF directly to the arrears timeline.
Bug Fixes
  • There were 5 annoying software bugs found and eliminated.

December 2018

  • Lease Renewals: You now have a single view of all Lease Renewals and a timeline of your lease renewal events. This includes the following;
    • Set up Lease Renewal fees to be charged to the owner when you finalise the lease renewal.
    • Send an email to your tenant asking if they intend to renew, vacate or if they are undecided and receive their response into the Lease Renewal timeline.
    • Create a Lease Agreement Form if you have a subscription with REI or Realworks.
    • Automatically update your Tenant Agreement once you finalise the Lease.
  • Arrears: You can now create a form using REI forms integration in the workflow.
  • Vacate: You can now create “Tenant Summary” to summarise everything the tenant needs to finalise a tenancy.
  • Create Form in Tenant Agreement: If you have REI forms you can now integrate with Cloud and create your Tenant Lease Agreement from the Tenant Agreement page.
  • Vacate: You can now change your vacate date, directly in the workflow.
  • New Disbursement page: We’ve now released a new disbursement page, which you have the option of switching to (see the disbursement page itself for this option). In the new page, you can search and select single owners and creditors easily, and disburse them individually. There’s also an improved summary page to give you more visibility of Agency fees being disbursed, and we’ve made the screen much faster to handle disbursing large numbers of owners.
  • Arrears: You can now create a form using REI forms integration in the workflow and add an expiry date – SET up your REI/Realworks Integration in Settings to start using.
  • Arrears: You can filter by portfolio on the arrears page. /li>
  • Search: On the Lease Renewals page you can now search by property address or tenant name.
  • Vacate: You can now filter by portfolio.
  • Lease Renewal: You can now search by property address or tenant name.
  • Lease Renewal: Last action column now available with the ability to sort.
  • Lease Renewal: You now have the ability to sort by End Date.
Bug Fixes
  • There was a bug on the Dashboard Arrears graph, where the totals of tenants in arrears under the specific time frames were incorrect ie the number of tenants between 1-3 days in arrears. This has now been rectified
  • There were 14 other minor bugs fixes or enhancements released.

November 2018

  • Entry and Exit Condition reports are now available in the Console app.
  • Past Inspection Information: You can now view past inspections, and copy past inspection notes within the individual ‘areas’ for inspections in the Console app.
  • Paid to date help wizard: If you notice that your paid to date and part-payment is incorrect, you can now submit your help request through Console Cloud directly and our support staff will be in contact.
  • Vacating Tenancies: You now have a single view of all your active tenancies that have a vacate date.
    • See other valuable information related to the vacate such as:
      • any monies owed (rent and invoices combined)
      • if an exit inspection has been scheduled, the date it is scheduled for.
      • When you are ready to finalise the tenancy, press the button and it will finalise the vacate and make the tenancy inactive.
      • You can now cancel the vacate workflow when a tenant no longer needs to vacate. This will remove the vacate date and close the workflow.
    • See this new feature under “Beta Features”
  • Arrears: You now have a single view of all Rent Arrears and a timeline of your arrears events. 29 Nov 2018 You can send manual SMS reminders to tenants or set up Auto SMS Reminders.
    • Auto SMS allows you to set and forget and will reduce the amount of time you spend following up arrears.
    • With Auto SMS you can control what day reminders are sent (ie 4 days in arrears), the time SMS reminders are sent and turn off reminders to individual tenancies.
    • Events, like when the SMS message is sent and what the message said, are recorded in the timeline.
    • Record notes in the arrears timeline.
  • Fixed or Periodic: We have made updates to the tenant agreement screen. All tenant agreements now have a Fixed or Periodic lease type.
  • Navigation Menu: The navigation menu has been enhanced to now include Relationships and Beta Features. Relationships consolidates all your Contacts, Owners, Tenants and Creditors together in the one menu item.
  • Addons: The Addons screen has been added into ‘Settings’ in the navigation bar. This currently allows you to activate and manage your SMS usage in Cloud, which is currently inside a free subscription period until March 31st 2019.
  • EFT Payment List: We have made some adjustments to the EFT Statement to add in the ‘Payer’ name column, and also sort the list in alphabetical order for easy reference.
  • Vacating tenancies: Sort order of list view on Vacate page.
Bug Fixes
  • Console App – Fixed the orientation of landscape photos in the app and inspection report. (iOS only)
  • There have been 15 bugs found and eliminated in Cloud.

October 2018

  • Console App Upload Summary: An upload summary has been added to the inspections screen to show the progress of inspection data being uploaded to Cloud.
  • Draft Maintenance: Draft maintenance requests can now be submitted from the “Maintenance” tab inside an inspection.
  • Change Log: We have added a new Change Log that tracks all changes ever made in your office, in Cloud. Check it out now under “Change Log” in the nav menu, as well as in the “Last changed by” widget located at the bottom right in most screens.
  • Maintenance: In the maintenance screen, you can now additionally search by property address or by maintenance subject.
Bug Fixes
  • There were 12 minor bugs found and squashed.
  • There was a bug in the maintenance screen which showed all maintenance as ‘New’ status, and was showing some ‘closed’ maintenance requests in the open screen. It was promptly hunted down and exterminated with prejudice.
  • There were 4 Console App related bug fixed.

September 2018

  • On-Demand Fees: In settings, you can create custom on-demand fees and apply them to your Management Agreements. You can then also charge an owner for this fee, when you need to.
  • Commercial Property Management: Cloud now includes basic functionality to manage Commercial tenancies. This includes the option to add GST to rent, invoice a Commercial tenant for rent, and have receipting of rent also affect the rent invoice. Your statements will also reflect GST on rent.
  • Journalling – you can now journal money from tenant deposit to the tenant’s bond
  • Bpay payment: Bpay payment method for creditors and Multi drop pdf files in new payments screen.
  • Bpay batch files: Bpay batch files created on disbursement for: Macquarie, ANZ, CBA, NAB, Westpac.
  • Invoice to Creditor: You can now create an invoice to pay directly to a Creditor
  • Company Logo: You can now upload your own company logo, in the Office area, in Settings. This logo is used in a number of documents and templates, such as Owner Statements, Routine Inspection reports and Receipts.
  • Disbursements: The disbursement screen has been improved to be faster to load.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed serious rendering bug that could occur when ticking check-boxes in the tenant arrears view.
  • 22 bugs found, and eliminated.

August 2018

New Features
  • Journalling: You can now transfer any amount in a Tenant’s deposit towards their rent or outstanding invoices. This can be done via the “Transfer Deposit” option in the Tenant’s balances section.
  • Console App (Inspections): You can now add general comments to routine inspections via the “Add additional details” option in the top-right corner of the Inspections screen. All general comments will also appear on the routine report generated in Console Cloud.
  • Custom Fees: It’s now simple to set up all your Agency Fees. In Settings, you can now create default fees and select the fees to be charge to each individual owner. Set and forget, these fees will be automatically charged to your Agency fee ledger as scheduled.
  • New Dashboard: The dashboard now includes 6 new workflow related graphs for rent arrears, rent reviews, lease renewals, maintenance & vacancies.
  • Journalling: You can now transfer funds from your creditor to owners.
  • Console App (Inspections): Increased the character limit of all inspection comments from 200 to 1,000 characters.
  • Owner Statements: Owners statements are now available to download in the Owner agreement.
Bug Fixes
  • 25 bugs of various sizes fixed.
  • 6 Console app related buys fixed
  • There was a bug that was not charging rent commission for tenant deposit journals.

July 2018

New Features
  • Journalling: You can now transfer available funds from the Agency to the owner ledgers
  • Journalling: Overpaid rents can now be automatically transferred to tenant deposit when a vacate date is entered in the system
  • Product Updates: Added a new widget on the Dashboard, showing regular product updates in app
  • Creditors: The Creditor screen now has balances, to show funds available to disburse
  • Inactive Labels: Properties and Owners now have an improved and obvious ‘inactive’ label, when their status is inactive
Bug Fixes
  • 11 minor bugs squashed

June 2018

New Features
  • Quote requests: you’re now able to generate quote requests from a maintenance request in Cloud. The requests will be emailed to the nominated Creditor/s provided they’re set up with a valid email address. This is the first release of this feature, and we’d love to know what you think!
  • Owner Change capability – users can now change an owner of a property, which seamlessly journal excess funds to new owner and release excess fees from current owner for you.
  • Disbursement screen: we’ve added the related property beneath each owner on the disbursement screen, making it easier to distinguish who you’re paying.
  • Sales statements: now display the purchase price when a sale is under contract.
  • Work orders: are now automatically emailed to the Creditor provided they’re set up with a valid email address.
  • Autocomplete addresses: when creating a new property in Console Cloud, simply start typing the property address and autocomplete will now fill in the rest.
  • Single click edit: quickly update Owner or Tenants details by selecting the pencil symbol next to the entity you wish to edit.
Bug Fixes
  • Disbursement refresh: the Disbursement screen will immediately refresh following a disbursement, allowing you to select and disburse additional entities without navigating away from the screen.
  • Fixed missing fee charge on reversal